For a cost-effective, fully customisable outsourcing of any or all of your sportsbook services by a professional team of experts, make DataBet your single point of contact for everything today.

For a cost-effective, fully customisable outsourcing of any or all of your sportsbook services by a professional team of experts, make DataBet your single point of contact for everything today.

For a cost-effective, fully customisable outsourcing of any or all of your sportsbook services by a professional team of experts, make DataBet your single point of contact for everything today.

For a cost-effective, fully customisable outsourcing of any or all of your sportsbook services by a professional team of experts, make DataBet your single point of contact for everything today.



Make it easier for you to run your sportsbook by outsourcing to DataBet; we customise every aspect of our strategy for each client to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

We here at DataBet have but one goal: to make the lives of bookies easier. It’s our passion; it’s what keeps us obsessed with being the best. Having won the prestigious title of European Capital of Sport in 2016 by ACES Europe, our passion for everything sport drew us to Košice, Slovakia and the great city inspires us to provide the best possible sportsbook services and everything else that our clients may need.

Ready to provide everything from software development to running the trading team, managing the sports scouts squad to recruiting new team members for your iGaming company, DataBet is here to relieve you of all of these responsibilities – allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

With DataBet as your partner, you can rest assured that your sportsbook services are in the safe and experienced hands of our hardworking team. With the added benefit of our home of Slovakia being a member of the European Union, we can offer a wide range of cost-effective sportsbook outsourcing services that will be tailor-made to suit you.

Our services

Here are our top-rated outsourcing services that you can fully customise to suit you:

Trading team

Create your very own trading team to whatever size and specifications that you need; we’ll handle the management side from there.


Allow us to manage all of the betting markets that you offer meticulously.

Live Trading

Providing and managing everything that you need for your live in-play betting markets to run smoothly.

IT Team

Use us to assemble a specialist IT team of trained experts to test, develop, support, and run all of your software and operation needs.


Scouts team

For your in-play section to run smoothly, you’ll need a team of scouts inputting real-time data into the live trading systems, so why not let us handle all of the logistics behind this very important team.

Recruitment Services

As well as our top-rated outsourcing services, we can also streamline the recruitment process for iGaming companies: just send over the job spec and leave the rest to us.

Need A Different Service?

Our team is incredibly diverse and experienced in this industry, so be sure to contact us for any of your sportsbook outsourcing needs, or any other needs that you may have as we’d love to help in any way that we can.

We pride ourselves on being a cost-effective, elite-level sportsbook outsourcing services. Continue after the jump to learn more about how we can help make your life easier.

How DataBet will help you

We know that our expertise, experience in the industry, and powerful, passion-driven work ethic can help you with whichever service you require.

To put it simply, the DataBet sportsbook solutions and recruitment services will not only take a huge bulk of work off of your hands, but they will also be cost-effective, streamlined, and are fully customisable to suit your individual needs. We should also mention that we can cater to your needs in any language required.

Now, we know that it’s not enough to simply tell you that, so here’s a more in-depth look at how our top-rated outsourcing and recruitment services operate.

 In-Play and Pre-Match Trading Team: Making sure that we continue to tailor-make our sportsbook outsourcing services to your needs, you can create your very own trading team to whatever specifications that you need. You select the size of the team – from a small unit of people to a whole department or hub, completely or partially – as well as their operations, such as managing the sportsbook pre-match or in-play, or both.

For any sportsbook operations that you need performing, you can trust that we will create and manage your customised team to consistently deliver the very best results.

 Build your own IT team: Being in Košice has not just allowed us to keep in touch with our love of sports, but it’s also enabled us to utilise one of the fastest growing IT industries in the world: IT Valley. The joint initiative of educational institutions, government, and IT companies means that we have easy access to a whole range of elite-level IT skills that Košice has become so well known for. Košice lives and breathes IT, as shown by the city’s incredible growth of 1000 IT employees in 2006 to over 10,000 in 2017.

So, as you can see, DataBet’s not just about crunching numbers for your sportsbook; we can help you from your software’s foundations up. With the size of your very own IT team and the skill sets needed completely decided upon by you, we can provide a wide range of IT services, including:

  • IT Team Management
  • Software Development
  • Coding and Programming
  • Software Testing
  • Operating Systems Operations
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Application Operations
  • Providing a Shared Service Centre

With an incredibly diverse workforce here at DataBet, we know that we can provide the skills needed for you to assemble an IT dream team for whatever your software or operating needs may be. With the team assembled, you can sit back and relax as we will take care of the management side.

 Leave the Scouts to Us: For the live in-play betting to work, you need trained team members to be sitting in stadiums, statistically analysing the game at hand as well as inputting live data into the online systems. This real-time data allows your customers to get live updates as well as protecting the sportsbook from falling behind in real-time.

One of DataBet’s top-rated outsourcing services, our top to bottom management of the whole sports scouts team enables us to streamline the whole process for you. You no longer need to worry about bringing in substitutes for ill scouts, setting up schedules for the scouts, or any other logistics required to bring your sportsbook’s live-trading section real-time data, as we manage it all.

You get the desired sportsbook services thanks to the top-rated outsourcing of DataBet without the need to organise any other human resources; all you’ll receive is a couple of invoices from us. As the single point of contact, we make sure that everything is as streamlined as possible for our clients.

 Recruitment Services: With over 28 years of combined experience in the IT business and sportsbook industries, we know very well that iGaming companies potentially need new employees daily. So, we’re here to streamline the recruitment process while still bringing you the best possible candidates for the role that you’re looking to fill.

Whatever role you need to be filled, with whatever specific skill set, we’ll be able to find the best candidates for you. All that you need to do is tell us what position you need filled, the preferred profile of a potential employee, the desired skill set, and their experience.

That’s literally it!

From there, we’ll prepare the job advertisements, find the most suitable candidates, and then we’ll even take care of the first round of recruitment activities to narrow down the long list to a select few recommended candidates for you. After that, the shortlist comes back for you to make the final call on whom to bring into your team.

 Online marketing: Entrenched in a deeply passionate community of people and companies who have a unique understanding of online marketing tools, DataBet has been adapting online marketing strategies to befit and benefit the needs of iGaming companies for years.

Using all of the proven and verified businesses of IT Valley, we have a great mix of knowledge at our disposal. Thanks to our cooperation with the IT Valley Community, we know that we can utilise the best people in the business to maximise the use of key online marketing tools like PPC campaigns, social media, PR advertising, SEO services, and more.

Our cooperation with IT Valley is seen as the future in the rapidly growing IT industry. With so many highly-skilled specialists right at our doorstep, we can utilise the elite-level personnel and adapt them to any given iGaming project, bringing our clients the best possible results.


Why DataBet?

With the experience and desire to bring you the very best, we know that you’ll love being in partnership with us.

Any recruitment or sportsbook services that you need to be performed can and will be done reliably and to the highest of standards by outsourcing to DataBet. With decades of experience in the industry, an ever-growing enthusiasm for everything that we do, a full range of knowledge in the fields of iGaming, sports, IT, customer relations, project management, general management and much more, our dedicated teams will help to streamline the operations of your business.

Here are some other perks of teaming up with DataBet for our top-rated outsourcing services:

Promoting Education

With 50 faculties in Czechia and 15 more in Slovakia offering IT studies, we have become a popular choice among graduates as we develop the next generation of skilled workers in our industry. Prospective students see our great passion in everything that we do as well as our close connection to the rapidly expanding IT Valley and know that we’re a great place for them to get into our exciting industry.

In the heart of IT Valley

Standing strong for over a decade, Košice is the homeland of IT Valley; an association established as a joint initiative of educational systems, the government, and leading IT companies.

IT Valley is perfectly harmonised with the local government and the IT community which has forged a grand synergy. This has enabled IT companies to have their voices heard by the government, putting a positive pressure on the state to support and enhance the IT industry by amending statutes, taxes, and getting help from the state to continue to grow the IT industry.

Passion for Sports

This isn’t just a job for us: it’s a way of life. We love everything sports and are finely tuned to all of the recent happenings and score lines in every single sport that your sportsbook could possibly cover – enabling us to provide the exact odds that outcomes deserve.

Idyllic Location

We really do love it here in one of the sporting capitals of the world. Along with the business and IT perks of being in the heart of the passionate IT Valley, Košice is in an ideal location that is close to the Polish, Ukrainian, and Hungarian borders as well as boasts its own international airport.

DataBet is humbled to be based in the same city that bore past, present, and future sports stars in Jozef Gönci (two-time Olympic shooting bronze medalist), Tomáš Jurčo (NHL ice hockey player), Andrej Kvašňák (legendary football player), Martin Marinčin (NHL ice hockey player), and many others.


Want to join the DataBet team?

A career with DataBet could be just a couple of clicks away…

With years of experience in the field, manned by an army of skilled and knowledgeable staff, we can provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in the iGaming industry at DataBet. Wherever your passions lie – be it in IT, sports, or customer relations – we can grant you passage to our ever-expanding world, offering a competitive salary and helping you to develop your language skills in the process.

If you’d like to join the DataBet team, check out our list of open positions as well as all of the contact information that you may need, click here. Alternatively, you can drop us a message by using the contact sheet below.

We look forward to hearing from you

Whether you want to utilise our sportsbook outsourcing services, save time and hone in on perfect candidates for your recruitment needs, or if you’d like to join our DataBet team, we can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Have a nice day; we look forward to hearing from you.


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